Breeze Asia: Introducing the staff.

With the introduction to two new friends to join myself as members of the blog’s team, I’m happy to welcome the following staff members as follows.

If you’re interested in contributing or being involved with working for the blog, head over to the application form page . Alternatively, you can contact myself or fellow staff.


Name: Danny Oppa
Position: Owner, Admin, Editor & General Publisher
Age: 19
Location: United Kingdom

Favorite (read below)…

Anime series: Clannad/After Story, Fairy Tail, Ano Hana & Hidan No Aria.
Anime movie: My Neighbor Totoro, 5 Centimeters Per Second & Summer Wars
Manga: Full Metal Alchemist
Asian music: Base Ball Bear (J-Rock), Leessang, Mighty Mouth & Outsider (K-Rap)
Asian shows: Gaki No Tsukai (Japan) & Running Man (South Korea)
Asian movies: Love Exposure, Battle Royale, A Moment To Remember, Au Revoir Taipei

Name: Juice Shin
Position: Contributor
Age: 22
Location: United States (born in South Korea)

Favorite (read below)…

Anime series: Gintama, High School of the Dead & One Piece
Anime movie: N/A
Manga: N/A
Asian music: Outsider, E.via & MC Sniper (K-Rap)
Asian shows: Running Man, 1 Night 2 Days & Infinite Challenge (South Korea)
Asian movies: My Wife is a Gangster & Full House

Name: Martin Friis
Position: Contributor
Age: 16
Location: Denmark

Favorite (read below)…

Anime series: Clannad/After Story, Sekirei, Angel Beats, Gurren Lagann & Steins;Gate
Anime movie: 5 Centimeters Per Second
Manga: One Piece & Bleach
Asian music: N/A
Asian shows: N/A
Asian movies: N/A


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